Volunteering for the Alberta Cancer Foundation

It’s not often that you can spend time on something and – not think – but know that you have helped out a cause that will benefit 1,000s of people that you’re actually likely to meet in the course of your life. Whether it’s family, a close friend, or just an acquaintance that’s only briefly in your life – we have all interacted with countless individuals that are, have or will deal with cancer in their lives.

Cancer is such a big issue that it’s easy for it to become an abstract concept – something that is too big and complicated to “solve” with a simple individual donation of time or money. As an observer on the outside – little can be seen in the progressive battle to fight and eliminate it from the human condition. This is where volunteering and interacting with individuals either directly touched or inspired by friends and family to join in the cause can really open eyes. Such interaction “re-humanizes” it – and makes it real again. So instead of seeing countless millions affected by it – you can see how Emily down the street is dealing with her brothers illness or how Henry has coped with the loss of his father. It then that you can put into perspective just what these people are fighting for.

It might be a new treatment that allows a mother to become a grandmother or a father to see his son marry and start a family…or it might just be the camaraderie that comes with fighting together around a cause that affects us all. Whether it is by donating time or money – it is well worth even the busiest persons time to spend a few hours with some of the people from the Alberta Cancer Foundation – listen to a few of their stories and let some of their passion soak into ones bones. It will then be impossible not to see just how much these fundraisers bring people together, inspire and most importantly give hope and purpose to those battling the disease.

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