Kids up Front & Man Tracker!

Today was one of those days where I wish I was behind the camera instead of in my office writing proposals for new clients – something that I would have had to do before I had a video team.   Today I was jealous! Today was the day that Kids up Front (an amazing charity that we are doing work for for free – after their win in the Elevate Calgary Contest –  which you can check out at ) brought in Man Tracker – Terry Grant (a close friend and supporter) to promote there casino night that is quickly approaching see there site for details:

Anyways, what a “hoot” … there were laughs and jobs flying from the Studio – something that made me all the more jealous that I was occupied elsewhere…so with some executive authority I peaked in now and then to watch the Kids up Front team pretend (badly – lol – there is going to be a bloopers reel) to be afraid of Terry.  The videos are now in editing and should be finished soon.  I will try to remember to post a link when they are done.  Regardless it was great fun all around!

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