Video, video and more video!

Enough is enough 😉 – time to stop perfecting everything and start showing off!  (Something that I should probably mention here: I am a “bit” of a perfectionist, especially when it comes to my own company!).  Anyway, we are finally ready to start showing some video with green screen effects.  The results are going to be a little rough at first, but we are making significant strides to be able to incorporate professional level video into our packages.

One of the most important things in video is good lighting, and LOTs of it, and there are many choices out there.  How we came to choose a combination of daylight balanced LED light panels and Softboxes with florescent bulbs was a mixture of portability and cost effective lighting.  LED panels are awesome, but are also quite expensive (3000+ or approx.. $1/incandescent watt equivalent (IWE) ) which is about what you need for a decent portable setup, but we needed to take it a step further because of our large green screen projects, and for this we needed another 8000 IWE so we needed to get something that was brighter and cheaper – thus Softboxes – great for throwing large amounts of light around cheaply, but defiantly not as portable.

In the picture above you see both (2 of our 4) large Softboxes, and (2 of our 3) LED panels – this setup has the equivalent of approx. 5500 watts of incandescent light – but it is daylight balanced and can be varied continuously with the panels and in 5 steps with the Softboxes.  Our other panel that is 20’x8’ will be here in about a week and will need twice the light – but oh-boy is it going to be epic.  Also because the larger screen is portable and made of stretch fabric is won’t have any wrinkles to be ironed out at 3am in the morning the day before a shoot.

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