Out with the Old Website

This will be my first design post on my new website!  I am incredibly happy on how it has turned out.  My old site was a slightly customized WordPress template with minimal features, that for the time I had did a good job.  This new site promises much more…

It is not hard to see that the web has become very image and video based, couple that with the development of Arc Reactions Inc. over the last 18 months and it is clear that I needed a new website that could keep up with the new mediums that I was using and wanted to display.  Enter the new dynamic WordPress templates and voilà  it’s time for a new website.  I am right now in the progress of migrating some of my earlier blog posts over to the new site, and updating the images, tags, etc.

Stay tuned as this is going to be a great source for design inspiration, and regular good ol’ fun 😉

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