Our New Display

We recently just put up a new feature at our office and are proud to announce that it is working beautifully 🙂  We have created a 5 panel LED display in the hall that rotates through about 200 images relating to branding work we have done.  It illustrates our graphic design abilities effectively and efficiently using 5 7” high resolution Sony digital picture frames that have been counter sunk into ¼” plexi-glass.  All of the wiring has been concealed using wiring harnesses that have been painted the same color as the wall.

The entire thing has been built by us – we even needed to buy a router to cut the holes in the plexi glass.  (Although the letters that spell “Arc Reactions” we done by a fabricator … as we probably wouldn’t have gotten it right with a hacksaw 😉

So when you’re in the office next – stop and take a look at the marvel of technological engineering we have created.

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