Masters (Economics | Health Economics) 2007-2009
University of Calgary, Calgary, AB

Bachelor of Arts Honours (Economics) 2004-2006
Queen’s University, Kingston, ON

Bachelor of Science (Physics | Astrophysics)  1999-2004
Queen’s University, Kingston, ON


Arc Reactions Inc.
March 2011 – Present  |  Calgary, Canada

Arc Reactions is both a supplier of plastic/paper print products and marketing company for small to medium businesses. Our focus is on the seamless integration of company image throughout its entire range of image products. We believe the company with a professionally designed image that is incorporated into their website, their business cards, and any other promotional material used in advertising or at conferences, has a significant advantage over a company whose image is less than clear and less than uniform across their entire marketing and image platform.

CEO | Senior Project Manager
Slide Creative Inc.
September 2010 – Present

North American Signature Cards Inc.
March 2011 – Present

North American Signature Cards Inc. sells premium plastic business cards under the trade names:  Business Plastic, Hot Plastic, and Corporate Plastic.


Project Manager (Market Research/Web Design), Slide Creative [2004-2010] Toronto, ON | Vancouver, BC | Calgary, AB

  • Utilized leading market survey techniques, customized, designed, built and Search Engine Optimized Business and eCommerce websites.
  • Consistently worked with a team to design high-impact marketing utilizing Facebook, YouTube, and SEO as well as paper media.
  • Increased overall viewership to existing websites by over 125% (on average).
  • Brought in over 60 new clients worth approx. $90,000 in new business.
  • Consultant/Web Designer from 2004-2007

Research Programmer, Department of Economics | School of Public Policy    [2009-2010] University of Calgary, Calgary, AB

  • Constructed Generational Accounting Model for Canadian HealthCare (See 2011 SPP Paper)
  • Software used: STATA, MATLAB, MAPLE, and MS EXCEL

Research Associate, Faculty of Medicine, Health Sciences   [2007-2009] University of Calgary, Calgary, AB

  • Applied Quantile Regressions to STATCan BMI Data  (See 2009 Int. J Public Health)

Teaching Assistant, Faculty of Social Science, Economics   [2007-2008] University of Calgary, Calgary, AB

  • Introductory Economics
  • 4th year Health Economics

Research Assistant, Faculty of Arts/Science, Economics    [2005-2006] Queen’s University, Kingston, ON

  • Statistical Analysis and Plotting of CAN Income Distribution and Inequality

NGO Development Coordinator/web designer, Women in Action   [2006-2007] Moshi | Arusha | Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

  • Helped Coordinate WIA MicroFinance program  (100+ Grants)
  • Designed Website and increased WIA’s web presence substantially through Facebook and MySpace.
  • Photographed WIA’s involvement in the community increasing awareness of their impact and the success of their operations.

Health Educator and Program Coordinator, Global Service Corps   [2006-2007] Arusha, Tanzania

  • Taught Health Education through a translator to classes of 40+
  • Build a relevant health curriculum and taught 8 classes of 10-15 teachers (who then brought it back to their local schools).  Thereby affecting the change in the curriculum of almost 25 schools across Arusha, Moshi and Dar es Salaam.

Chair and Web Designer, Queens International Development Conference   [2004-2006] Queen’s University, Kingston, ON

  • With a budget of approximately 40,000 dollars the IDC is the biggest development conference at Queens.
  • Organized and managed a committee of 20 students.
  • Oversaw 3 days of Seminars, food and lodging for over 300 delegates, 50 speakers and 40 different organizations.


Graduate Research Scholarship (UofC Department of Economics)   [2008] University of Calgary, Calgary, AB

Economics Society of Calgary Graduate Scholarship   [2007] University of Calgary, Calgary, AB