Don’t start a business unless you enjoy working late…

It’s almost 2 years into the “breach” so-to-speak and I am still working harder than I have ever worked before.  We have put together an amazing office in downtown Calgary – and office with a Studio, reception area, and 3 rooms for employees.  We have, on a dime, furnished the office, and decked it out with some really useful and modern equipment.  My office – which is what is pictured here – also dubs as our “conference” room.  Something that I like because it means I get the ridiculously big table that I have always craved to work on!  The 2 LED monitors on arms are incredible useful for work flow and for presentations for clients.  We also have the projector which can be used for larger presentations and group work/creative.

The timing of this picture was about 10:45pm on a weekend.  Something that has become a regular occurrence – something that will hopefully subside in the next year or so 😉  I though I have to say working late still makes me feel good … like we are catching up with the big boys in our field.  It also reminds me of late nights in the physics lab a Queen’s working on problems that it took groups of us to solve!

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