BuildEx and Arc Reactions

On the 5th and 6th of November of this year we decided to show our wears off for the first time – being a bit of a perfectionist I wasn’t sure how our “old” display was going to hold up.  The Display was made about a year and a half ago for another trade show – more as a trial run then an actual demonstration (something  that wouldn’t have been possible – if it wasn’t for the generosity of Jacki McLenaghan – a dear friend.)  The difference between that trade show and BuildEx is that BuildEx is a B2B tradeshow, whereas Jackie’s is more of a B2C tradeshow.  The Demographics were also totally different.

Anyway, we made a few decisions that ultimately showed really well – one was to update the slideshow with more modern content and using the footage and photography captured over the last year.  Another good call was taking our new video editing suite so that Milo/Noel could show off some of the work they have been doing with HDR time-lapse video in and around the city.  Point is – these decisions and effort paid off greatly – not only were we regularly complemented on our booth – but we made a number of great business connections!

In conclusion it was a great show and we met a lot of great people!

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