The Taj Mahal in Agra, India

This was taken from the Red Fort within minutes of my first glimpse of this epic masterpiece. Breathtaking and beautiful, it changes colour as the sun rises and sets, because of the semi-precious stones that have been inlayed into the majority of the building.

Gnomes in an Old Garden

Taken almost 10 years ago in my Grandparents Garden with Black and White Film on a Canon 1V-HS (A camera I still love to use!)

Tonquin Valley in Febuary on Snowshoes

A 10 day Solo trip in Jasper’s Tonquin Valley, packing in all my food, shelter, and fuel on Snowshoes.

The beginning of the Hike up Mount Allan

Looking epic as usual ;)…we are 300 vertical meters into a 1360 vertical meter meter hike!

Gold Laden Silk piled high in Varanasi

One of my favorate experiences was both finding and buying silks in India – I also found my first real espresso in 5 months of traveling!

The Calary Skyline at about 5am in the winter

I woke up early and saw the sky looked like it was almost on fire, so I grabed my Canon D60 and took this.

Eilean Donan Castle in Scotland

Traveling around Scotland on a trip that lasted almost 2 months, this was the place I wanted to vist the most!

The British Museum in London, England.

This was my first trip to london, the picture was taken with a Canon A2E and a 20mm 2.8 Lens.

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